Program Introduction

At Evergreen, we want to satisfy your requests and needs. This is why we have thought about the perfect program aimed to those wanting to live and work in Japan with a Working Holiday Visa (WHV).

If your aim is to learn Japanese and develop your skills fast, we offer you two different courses to help you reach your goal!

Working holiday visa holders often want to make the most of their experience while here in Japan, be free to go from place to place whithout limitations, and work and interact as much as possibile with local people! That is why Evergreen Language School is here to offer you the flexibility you`re looking for. Review our choices below or send us an email! We will take care of it ASAP!

Course A - Free Course

Course A, or as our students call it, the Journey Course, has been designed by prioritizing your freedom! We let you choose how many classes per day and hours you want to study in a week or month!

Many of our past students say that you can freely choose your week's schedule according to your preferences! 

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Course B - Intensive

The Intensive course has been designed for those who want to quickly elevate their language skills! It is the recommended choice to achieve your goal as soon as possible!

Our workig holiday students that have taken this course have been able to reach the business proficiency they need to continue their journey in Japan!

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