1 Day or 2Day a Week Course

This course is for those who already reside in Japan and have the appropriate visa. Evergreen Language School offers general Japanese classes in Tokyo for those looking to brush up on their language skills and gain a better understanding of Japanese culture.

This course is designed to improve your proficiency in :

  • Grammar
  • Reading and Writing
  • Speaking
  • Listening

We especially focus on speaking, providing you the conversational skills to communicate with confidence in any scenario, from daily conversation to business. 

Beginner class (N5)

This class is suitable for people who have never studied Japanese before .

You mainly study Hiragana, Katakana, basic greetings, and daily conversation.

Self introduction, Shopping, How to order at restaurant, How to invite and ask people.


Talk about your experience, Some casual conversation with your friends, and etc.

Upper beginner class (N4)

This class is mainly focused on practice simple communication.


You will be able to make a request, give permission, express your emotions, and talk about your dailiy life.

Intermediate class (N3-N2)

You will be able to improve your vocaburary, make complex sentences, think about social topics and describe what you think. Smooth commucination with using sentence pattern which you have already learnt.

Advanced class (N2-N1)

2 Day a Week Course

Example of Time table ・Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday

(Please contact us about classes we offer)

・Morning Class


・Afternoon Class


・Evening Class


Free Trial Lesson

If you`re not sure if the teaching method is fit for yourself and you want to have a look at how actually Japanese is taught in our school, to you can have a totally free trial lesson and then decide with more elements!

Send us a message to book your free lesson!