Teaching Information

Our Facility and classrooms

The school is located in Yutenji, a warmly neighborhood near Shibuya. It takes about 4 min from the Yutenji station and near the school there are several restourants, convenience stores and so on. The building is composed of three floor. The first floor is designed to welcome visitors, students other than the teacher`s classroom. 

On the upper floors there are 4 classes on each floor, everyone equipped with Computers, Whiteboard, Projectors and other equipment to make lesson more interactive with students.

The building has a lot of windows that make classes brighter.

Textbooks used in our courses

Beginner Levels N5 N4

Based on a long standing experience in teaching Japanese, the texbooks choosed as the best fit choice to help students is without a doubt the みんなの日本語 `Minna no nihongo`.   It has been proven along many years that it gives beginner learners the right approach to introduce the first important grammar points through small lectures supported by constant attention of our teachers through further slides and explanations.



Intermediate Course N3

Regarding the N3 level course it will focus more on Grammar, Kanji and Listening exercises using different drill books. The textbooks of the N3 course are 中級を学ぼう (chukyu wo manabou). The textbook has two version (a blue one and a green one), which they divide the N3 course in two parts. The first part of  the N3 level course will be based on the blue one which will help the students in that difficult transition from the N4 level to the N3, from simple readings to more demanding ones. After completed the first part of the course you will be ready to switch to the green one which will cover all the required points to take the JLPT N3 test and give you the right grip to use the Japanese for every daily conversation.

Advanced course N2 N1

Regarding the N2/N1 level, considered as the advanced levels, the school education system is more aimed to get you pass the JLPT and build a solid base of a business Japanese knowledge essential if you want to work in Japan. 


The textbook that will be with you during the advanced course is 上級で学ぶ日本語 (jokyu de manabu nihongo). The methodology used in this book is teaching through topics adequately explained by our teachers. 

Teaching System and Kanji

Japanese could be very hard to learn if you`re a self learner and your mother tongue is English, or another European Language. Bearing that in mind, here at EVERGREEN, after many years of experience teaching foreign lanuages, we`ve developed our own system and way to make the most of us to help you.

Lessons will be based on the main textbook of the course you`re attending to, but not only following up the Textbook lessons but introducing as well PowerPoint slides made by the teachers focusing on the weak points of the students and for more in depth explanation.

The lesson will be interactive using the whiteboard, slides, posing questions to the students and explaining the grammar point of the books and then reviewing them by doing exercises all together.

Homeworks will be assigned on the topics studied but in a measure to not take you too much time off. EVERGREEN try to give you the right balance between study and free time.


Regarding the Kanji, the study will cover the following way : the book used to introduce the Kanji writing system will be the 漢字みんなの日本語. Every lesson is made of 5 kanji and the next day Kanji will be repeated and studied other 5 kanji through small readings. Every Kanji will be break it down with an explanation on its meaning, and pronunciations.

Our teachers` profile

EVERGREEN Japanese School has a strict and selective criteria to choose his teachers. All of our teachers have gotten the right qualifications to teach Japanese, they are selected based on their experience and on their ability to interact with students!