Student Visa Application Process

Evergreen Language School will help you get through the entire process of getting a student visa to Japan. Even though applying a student visa to Japan looks complicated and requires multiple step process, DON'T GIVE UP. You can just apply for the visa directly via our school without paying extra cost for any agency.


Here we give you an explanation about how to apply for a studend visa to Japan.

Step 1 : Contacting us

Send us an email about your interest in taking Student VISA course in our school. We'll ask you some simple questions about your nationality, age, Japanese level(JLPT level) and your educational background. (We all understand english and some of us know some Italian and Spanish.) 


Step 2 : Submitting necessary documents

Documents you need to prepare for applying for a student visa to Japan differ depending on your nationality. We'll give you a list of all the required documents from your end and then you'll prepare for them. You are always welcomed to ask any question about those documents. It takes some days or weeks to get some of those documents so you got to do it quickly!!


Step 3 : Visa application to Immigration Bureau

We will submit the visa application to Immigration Bureau in Japan on your behalf after checking carefully all the documents you and we prepared for it. You need to wait patiently for getting the certificate of eligibility(COE).


Step 4 : Payment of the school fee

Once Immigration Bureau approves your visa application, they will issue the COE and send it to our school. At this point we will ask you to get the payment of school fee done. We can send the COE to you ONLY after getting the payment from your end.


Step 5 : Submitting visa application in your country

Once you recieve the COE, then you will have to prepare and fill ouu some documents Japanese embassy or consulate in your country requires for the visa application( you can get the information about the doument