Student visa is issued to students studying at Japanese language schools, university and vocational schools. The status of residence will be 'Student'. The period of stay of a student visa is issued for 6 months up to maximum of 2 years from the date of entry. In order to get a student visa to study in Japan, you will need to apply to Japanese language school. Applying for a student visa requires a lot of documentations and paperwork. We are here to help you with your documentation and paperwork to get a chance to study in Japan!

We are now accepting applications for student visa course January 2023


The program is suitable for students who have graduated from high school and or/ have scholastic ability acceptable to our principal. The applicants should have a financial sponsor and enough money to comfortably study in our school.



Our Program follows the quarterly system

(January, April, July, and October)


Evergreen Language School offers student Visa courses for University and College, and Vocational School Entrants.


※The deadline for the application fee (¥30,000) is also the same as each of the application period.


※A-Course will be the best term for students who are trying to enter a University in Japan.


※Students who are trying to enter a University should not select the General Course.


* Monday thru Friday (20 hours unit/week)  (Morning class or Afternoon class is decided after your level check)
* Morning Class 09:00 - 12:30 (including short breaks)
* Afternoon Class 13:15 - 16:45 (including short breaks)

Fees (student visa course)

When applying to our school, you will need to pay ¥30,000 (Application Fee) at first. 

If the Immigration office accepts you, you should then pay ¥779,950.


When you obtain the permission to work part time from the immigration office you can work 28 hours a week, and 8 hours a day during summer and winter vacation.    


【Applicants must prepare the following documents】

1.Application Form for admission to the school

2.Application for Certification of eligibility

3.Personal History

4.Graduate Certefication of your last school

5.Proof material of Japanese language ability

6.Copy of passport

7.6 Photos (4×3cm)

【Sponsors must prepare for the following documents.】

1.Letter of financial support
2.Family list of sponsor's family
3.The document to proof the relation between the sponsor and the applicant
4.Certificate of bank account balance
5.Certificate of occupation
6.Certificate of annual income
7.Certificate of taxation or tax payment

①Submitting necessary papers.


②Screening Applicants.


③Application for Certificate of Eligibility for resident status prepared by the school.


④Issuing the Certificate of Eligibility for resident status.


⑤Payment of the school fee by the due time.


⑥We send you the Certificate of Eligibility and some documents.


⑦You submit the Certificate of Eligibility at your local Japanese Embassy or Consulate.


⑧You receive your student visa.

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