School Services to our Students

So far EVERGREEN has provided several services to help students realizing their dream to live in Japan.

When a foreigner land in Japan for the first time, every thing around will be completely new, and even small things like do groceries, buying a Sim Card, opening a Bank account, and so on can result a little bit harder than expected. Not so many Japanese can understand in English and if some problems arise could be a bit difficult explaine yourself!

That`s why we of EVERGREEN want to help you in all of these tasks!


Down below we have summerized a list of what we can offer to you helping familiarizing with your new life!


It is going without saying that one of the most  requested service is about Job Hunting! Many of you come to Japan aiming to set up by finding a Job! That is why our staff will give many attentions to it. 

You`ll be helped in writing your own personal Japanese resume, that is completely different from the ones in the West, writing your presentations and helping you by face on a Japanese interview! 

Furthermore, there are a lot of Recruitment Agency offering services in Japanese and we will help by introducing you based on your inclinations and skills!


Do not waste your time looking for an accomodation by comparing prices, houses, and other boring stuff. We at EVERGREEN will find the best accomodation fit for you! Just explain us your preferences and we'll do the rest.